Brand Campaigns

Keywords Studios
GDC 2022

Lead the Keywords Studios presence at GDC San Fransisco, the world's largest video games expo.


  • Record number of new leads
  • Integrated 60 studios into 1 multi-functional booth and meeting room space
  • Digital lead management process
GDC Keywords Studios Booth
GDC booth Keywords Studios Artwork

Samsung #S7Live

Launched the Samsung Galaxy S7 in Ireland with a social and PR-lead event.


  • Samsung Galaxy sold out before launch
  • Hashtag trended on twitter
  • Numerous media mentions

Mycareer Simply Jobs

As a creative at Publicis, I rebranded Australian jobs website mycereer. Here is the commerical I wrote for the relaunch.


  • Record traffic growth in launch year

Carphone Warehouse Choice

To promote the brand messaging of 'Choice' in Ireland, we followed several social media influencers to see what would happen when choice was removed from their lives.


  • Improved consumer sentiment on new 'Choice' brand positioning 

Brand collaboration

I have worked with a range social influencers across various sectors and social platforms platforms for brands including:

Currys | Apple | Samsung |  Microsoft | Kitchenaid | giffgaff | HP | Dyson | Microsoft | Otterbox | Canon

Influencers include:


IBAT College #IrishPhrases

As Head of Marketing for IBAT, I created a series of light-hearted videos to increase English Language recruitment in LATAM.


  • Record LATAM Facebook lead completions

giffgaff Celebration

As head of social media for telecommunications company giffgaff, I celebrated the company's birthday commissioning the famous illustrator Dan Woodger to draw the community in one large portrait. 


  • 1+ million organic reach
  • Increased brand advocates 15%
giffgaff portrait 2
giffagaff portrait

RMIT University
Pinning poems to place

To promote RMIT's School of Creative Writing and further embed the School into Melbourne's community, I created a geo-locative Twitter poetry event as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. This project allowed you to read site-specific twitter poetry on your phone while you were in the space. 



giffgaff #OneBreathUpdates

Has head of social for giffgaff, a social-media led telecommunications company, I created a campaign to reinforce its position in the market as the leading youth mobile network.

By creating a daily summary of the news of the day delivered in one breath, we were able to keep in the trending news each day. Creative by Fallon London.


  • Improved brand salience with youth demographic 

RMIT University Discover Melbourne

As Marketing Manager at RMIT University, I created a series of videos to increase international student recruitment from China to Australia. Here are two from the series.


  • Assisted in exceeding recruitment targets

Red Energy Now that's energy

As lead creative, I created the brand Red Energy for a new Electricity company in Australia. This included its logo concept, tagline and TVC launch campaign.


  • Silver, Direct Marketing Awards Australia 
Red Energy

MINI Pieces

As lead creative for MINI during Melbourne Fashion Week, I tasked 6 artists to reimagine a piece of a MINI over the course of 3 days at a popup during the event.


  • Numerous media mentions during fashion week
  • Trended on twitter at launch

giffgaff Don't be scared

Just like a group of zombies, giffgaff is made up of a group of people you should not be scared of. In fact, they are the most passionate, welcoming people you will want to join.

To reinforce this messaging with the youth market in the UK, I created a social and digital campaign showing how welcoming zombies are.


Some posts related to trending topics of the day, allowing the brand to be part of the conversation. This included the famous 'red wedding' scene in Game of Thrones, which you can see here:


Celebrating Queer Culture

As Marketing Director of Midsumma festival, I rebranded the organisation to be more arts focused and inclusive of the queer community. Brand refresh included new logo, tagline and campaign launch.